Teams of two

CBS is now casting a brand new competition that will take ordinary Americans and send them on the run in a real life manhunt.

In today’s digital world, “disappearing” is next to impossible... or is it? Hunted will give participants the opportunity to put their know-how and skills to the test as some of the world’s most highly skilled investigators use state-of-the-art methods along with traditional tactics to find them. If you had to disappear, what would you do?

We are looking for smart, adventurous TEAMS OF 2 to take on the challenge. If you or someone you know:
- has ever dreamed of going on the run
- wishes you could escape your mundane life and become the star of your own action movie
- think you have the skills to outsmart some of the nation’s most talented investigators
- has strong opinions about our nation’s surveillance programs


No special skills or training required! APPLY NOW! And get ready to RUN